New Anti-Discrimination Protections for Veterans and Military Personnel

We are pleased to announce, effective in the City of Chicago, March 16, 2016, the addition of Military Status as a protected category under the City of Chicago’s Human Rights and Fair Housing ordinances.

Chicago has amended its Human Rights Ordinance and Fair Housing Ordinance to address discrimination targeting current and former members of the military. Effective March 16, 2016, discrimination on the basis of military status will be prohibited in the City of Chicago in all areas under the Commission’s jurisdiction: employment, public accommodations, credit transactions, bonding and housing. This protection includes discrimination targeting individuals on the basis of his/her military discharge status and extends to individuals who are on active duty, or in any reserve component of any branch of any state or Federal armed forces, or a veteran thereof.

Housing applicants who are rejected by landlords refusing to rent to military personnel or who refuse to accept the G.I. Bill as payment for rent will be able to file a complaint under a new legal protection in Chicago. Similarly, individuals who are passed over for a job or a promotion because they are a current or former member of the military will soon have a local recourse against the discriminating employer.

For more information, please download the City of Chicago MILITARY STATUS DISCRIMINATION FAQ.