S.T.O.P (Seniors Together Organizing Project)

We advocate for affordable housing and provide education in financial literacy. Our goal is to help seniors, individuals and families choose safe, decent, affordable housing. We work with property owners and developers who align with the mission of PICB.

STOP educates and mobilizes Seniors and support persons (caregivers, families, and neighbors) to participate in education and political action for the sake of helping Seniors remain in their neighborhoods with affordable housing and a positive, uplifting quality of life.


STOP MeetingAgenda Item: STOP will demand Affordable Housing

STOP works through education and advocacy to promote a sustainable solution for Seniors to remain in their communities where they have a voice in where and how housing is provided, with priority given to programs and social services for those most in need. STOP will also help to create fair, stable and responsive taxation.

Agenda Item: STOP will demand Legal protection and Fair Treatment

STOP through education and advocacy, works for the full participation of every Senior in shaping a community with affordable housing, where their rights are protected. These communities will experience fair treatment and consideration of elected officials. STOP works to advance public policies at all levels. STOP will also help Seniors bring a voice to the broad range of environmental issues on the south side affecting their communities.

Agenda Item: STOP will demand access to better Health Care and Quality of Life

STOP works through education and advocacy, to enact public policies that assure quality and timely response to health concerns of Seniors in communities on the south side. STOP will address accessibility to quality health care and services through financial, administrative and regulatory efficiencies, so resources will be directed to Seniors. Health services will be provided justly and with compassion.

Agenda Item: STOP will demand better Safety in communities, living areas and residences for Seniors

STOP works through education and advocacy, to create a safe community in which Seniors can thrive and maintain a positive quality of life. Working to widen the commitment of local politicians, transit officials and law enforcement, including the sheriff’s office, Seniors will be able to move