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June 29, 2014 – “The “Empowerment Event” was more than I had anticipated! I just want to say ” Thank you!” There was so much information, knowledge and resources!! I am committed and will do the work.” – Brenda

July 1, 2014 – “There is a lot of shame that go with not being able to make good choices because your credit is bad, or knowing you are being taken advantage of but it’s your only choice. I really do want to break old habits of spending and start to save and help my family. You touched on many things that I am guilty of like lending money I don’t have to my family and never getting it back, which forces me to be late on something or just not following through with what I am suppose to do.

“Since the first workshop I have began to think before spending and paid some things on time I really am trying to follow a budget… If you don’t remember I just filed Chapter 7 and thought my life credit wise was over. I’d love to retire and not have to get in the bread line. I would love to change my family legacy to home ownership. All this stuff to say I thank You for your time, effort and a giving heart. I would like very much to volunteer some time to help out where ever I can…You have a Cool energy I feel like it’s my time!!!!

“I want to create a new mind set knowing I deserve better and never having to be ashamed of my choices.” – B. Cheeks

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