Sonja Frazier – Interim President of the Board

Sonja Frazier is the Director of Retail Banking Administration at Urban Partnership Bank.

Sonja began her career at Harris in 1996 as a Branch Manager at Harris’ Kenwood branch. There, Sonja and her staff established a reputation for delivering both excellent customer service and sound financial advice. She later became Vice President and Regional Operations Manager for Harris, N.A. City Region.

Prior to her career at Harris, Sonja worked at Citibank of Illinois as an Assistant Branch Manager. Sonja attended Northwestern University in 1975, where she majored in Nursing and minored in business.
Sonja is deeply committed to community service. She firmly understands the role it plays in building strong, secure neighborhoods. She has received awards from Boy Scouts of America, Geneva Scott Outreach Service and Hyde Park Neighbor’s Eve.

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