Partners In Community Building, Inc. (PICB) was selected to revitalize the target area of Grand Boulevard in attempt to improve home ownership and the prevention of foreclosure. We encourage and invite investors, developers, realtors, homeowners and renters to help revitalize the Grand Boulevard community.

The Micro Market Recovery Program is a neighborhood stabilization initiative targeting small geographic areas that are experiencing higher-than-normal problems with foreclosures. The City of Chicago and its partners are responding with the NSP program and the TIF-Purchase Rehab initiative subsidy money available for owner-occupants ready to buy or rehab a home in an MMRP area. The City also has forgivable loans available to help current owner-occupants make home repairs.

With the presence of PICB in Grand Boulevard, a further understanding of the foreclosure rates and conditions are being analyzed. We have developed a strategic plan that gathers information of current and potential foreclosures as well as vacant lands and houses.
People interested in purchasing a home in an MMRP area, or considering repairs on an existing home, or need foreclosure prevention assistance, may contact Patricia Bates at 312-328-0873 x1012 for assistance.

PICB Presents: Bronzeville and Beyond


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