Thank Your PICB

Dear PICBS, Bobbi and Dennis,


On behalf of John Horn and myself I want to let you know that as of now our loan modification is permanent as we passed the trial period. This will not only allow us to stay in our home of 15 years, but will also provide us with a sense of security and financial wellness.


To refresh your memory; our interest rate was 6.85%, our property value diminished by 50% and we were unable to pay our property taxes which, despite the decline of our home’s value, increased roughly 50%. Our mortgage company, AHMSI, without notifying us, paid the taxes and escrowed future taxes, which increased our mortgage $1400 per monthly payment ($3400 total). John nor I were allowed to speak to anyone in person at AHMSI about the crucial situation we were in and had a month or more of precarious faxing and mailing of our most private information to AHMSI, with no results. All the while we were begging and borrowing to make the monthly payment.


We were referred to PICB through a friend of John’s and within a few weeks of my initial contact with Bobbi, PICB negotiated a modification with AHMSI that gave us a 2% interest rate for 5 years and other perks and benefits. I am still astonished and was unconvinced it would really happen until our just recently received permanent paperwork.


John is a nurse and I am a social worker, we have 2 daughters ages 10 and 6 and live in Evanston in a 2 flat. We are hard working and have always tried our best to remain financially responsible. John and I am so grateful to PICBS. My daughters, unbeknownst to them, are so grateful that they can stay in the only home they’ve known.


With all the hardship stories you hear about it is easy to lose faith. The thoughtful and prompt correspondence we experienced with Bobbi and Dennis, and particularly the help we received, restored our faith.


I will never forget PICB. What an awesome way to start a new year. May all of the staff at PICB have a blessed 2011!!!


Most sincerely,

Kristin Cleland and John Horn