Renter Foreclosure: Know Your Rights

Learn Your Responsibilities and Know Your Rights!foreclosure flyer2.eps.eps
Tenants have rights and options when they are faced with building foreclosure. They also have responsibilities. According to the Illinois Foreclosure Listing service, through the third quarter of 2009, there were just over 53,000 legal actions filed to begin foreclosure proceedings in the Chicago land area. Illinois ranks 5th in the nation with the number of home foreclosures. It is overwhelming, but there is help available.The Comprehensive Housing Organization Project (CHOP) is a part of PICB and works to bring tenants and landlords together so they may build relationships with each other that lead to positive households and communities. CHOP provides counseling to tenants and landlords prior to move-in and throughout the duration of occupancy. The program offers financial literacy workshops, help with credit repair, and rental assistance*.
Know the warning signs of building foreclosure:

  • No maintenance on site
  • Can not contact your landlord
  • Posting of utility shutoff notices
  • Realtors hanging around the building or taking pictures of the building
  • The bank is harassing you to leave your unit

If you suspect that your building is in foreclosure, or you want more information about your rights, contact us.
If you are a landlord facing foreclosure, we may be able to help you.
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*Rental assistance is limited to type and availability.