Counseling Programs




Partners in community Building, Inc. (PICB) Housing Counseling Program “Bottom Line®” provides counseling in homebuyer education, pre-purchases, mortgage delinquency, loss mitigation, renter assistance, forbearance, and default/foreclosure. Housing literacy and counseling are provided in locations where individuals can get access to available resources and programs. Our belief is that housing programs must be integrated closely with other programs that address the needs of all residents and their communities, including economic development, human services and education programs. We believe that all residents should have decent, affordable housing in a safe living environment. Our agency serves all segments of the population regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status and disability. PICB’s housing counseling services enable, inform and encourage clients to make educated and reasonable decisions to achieve their housing goal. 

Pre-purchase Counseling
We utilize the latest desktop counselor software; provide supportive individual and group counseling sessions to prepare homebuyers to become mortgage ready. Clients are provided with budget preparation, credit history evaluation and other relative services.

Financial Literacy/Economic Education
We recognize that most people can benefit from an enhanced understanding of basic personal finance. We provide appropriate information through trusted intermediaries. These workshops include basic economic principles, cash flow & asset creation,, establishing financial priorities and goals, budgeting, the role of financial institutions/banking, credit/debt management along with wealth-building in homeownership, saving, insurance and real estate investments.

Credit Repair
Review credit reports and develop plans to correct derogatory credit. Follow up and negotiations with creditors for debt reduction and payment plans for improving credit scores. If needed letters are created for necessary credit corrections.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
Work with client to identify cause. On behalf of client work with lender to resolve prevention of foreclosure.

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Post Purchase Counseling
Information and resources provide on property tax, insurance, refinancing, equity loans, property rehabilitation, upkeep and maintenance and a wide range of community services and other related information.

Rental Assistance
Link tenant with landlord. Provide education for tenants and landlords on community programs, city housing programs and information on rights and responsibilities. Follow up and outreach is on going.